Brown Reindeer

Mount Information: 


Movement Speed:
Base Mount Speed 10m/s.
(Mount speeds can increase with added mount armors).


Guide to Obtain: 
  • You can purchase this mount for 1345 Credits from the in game Marketplace.


  • The Rudolph Archeum Supply Crates have a chance to drop festive Rudolph armor (for Reindeer mounts only).
  • These crates are a seasonal item added to the Marketplace during the Winter Maiden Festival event.
  • The Rudolph Archeum Supply Crate costs Credits and can be purchased from the in game Marketplace (during xmas time), access the shop through the menu.


  • There is a Winter Maiden Festival (December 9th - January 18th 2015) if you visit Candy Artisan Vaughn in your capital city between December 25th - January 7th on a level 40+ character you will get gifted with Discord Destroyer which lasts 20 minutes.
  • During these 20 minutes you will be able to hunt for presents, opening a present will cost you 1 labor point each time.
  • Some will contain nothing at all, others will have gifts inside. You have a chance to get this mount from one of the presents, good luck.


Mount Abilities:

  1. Run! (Level 5)
  2. Mounted Arrowshot (Level 10)
  3. Mounted Fire Arrow (Level 15)
  4. Snipe (Level 20)
  5. Elegant Leap (Level 25)



  • This mount can also be obtained by all races.
  • Mounts will go straight into your Bag. If you want to free some space up you can place mounts in your Bank, just speak to a Warehouse Manager (Banker) found in all main towns.


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