Carrot Wings

Mount Information: 

47 River Festival Coins.

Movement Speed:
Base Mount Speed 8 m/s.
With Pack Speed 5.2 m/s.


An unfortunate magical accident has gifted this Carrot Dash with a pair of stubby little wings. While the effects left the poor creature a bit… strange, its speed is without question. And the limited bursts of flight can prove quite useful to a skilled rider.

Guide to Obtain: 
  • This mount is obtained from the Rum Runner Rapids Event.
  • You need to collect 47 River Festival Coins during the event to exchange for the mount.
  • You can get max of 3 River Festival Coins per day by completing the events daily quests.

Mount Abilities:

  1. Dreaming Donkey (Level 20)
  2. La Mancha's Call (Level 20)
  3. Powerful Wingbeats (Level 20)


  • This mount can also be obtained by all races.
  • Mounts will go straight into your Bag. If you want to free some space up you can place mounts in your Bank, just speak to a Warehouse Manager (Banker) found in all main towns.