Golden Wyvern

Mount Information: 

Raised by Sovereign.

Movement Speed:
??? m/s.



Guide to Obtain: 
  • The Golden Wyvern mount is being added in Update 2.9: Ascension. Launches May 31st 2016.


  • This mount is raised by the Sovereign of a nation. A Sovereign can raise and tame this mount if they have a Sovereign's Vault.
  • This mount can only be used by the nation's Sovereign and will live within the Sovereign's Vault.
  • When your nation qualifies to raise a Wyvern the Sovereign will be offered a quest called 'Symbol of Authority' from the Territory Steward.
  • Raising this mount can take a long time, well over a month to complete.
  • When you finally raise and tame the Wyvern the Sovereign will be able to call it and use it as a mount.
  • The Golden Wyvern can fly and breath fire but be careful if you decide to bring it into a battle as this mount can be killed by your enemies.
  • This mount can stay active for 21 days before needing a rest. You will need an item to refresh your mount to use again. This can be crafted at the Sovereign's Vault.
  • Please note that if the Sovereign doesn't have a vault or nation anymore you will be unable to refresh the mount and lose it.
  • New Sovereign's will also have to start from scratch in raising and obtaining a Golden Wyvern.