Hellwing Pegasus

Mount Information: 

Archeum Revelation Pack.

Movement Speed:
Base Mount Speed ??? m/s.
(Mount speeds can increase with added mount armors).



Guide to Obtain: 
  • This mount is obtained from purchasing the Pre-order of Archeum Revelation Pack (access through the website).
  • This mount is only available as a 'Presale bonus' from November 25th - December 8th 2016.
  • This pack is only available to players with characters on a Legacy Server. Items from this pack cannot be delivered to or claimed on Fresh Start Servers.


Mount Abilities:

  1. ??? (Level ???)
  2. ??? (Level ???)
  3. ??? (Level ???)



  • This mount can also be obtained by all races.
  • You can obtain additional armor for your mount (shown on the mount interface screen). Armor can be obtained from stable NPC's, crafting, drops and events.
  • Mounts will go straight into your Bag. If you want to free some space up you can place mounts in your Bank, just speak to a Warehouse Manager (Banker) found in all main towns.