Stormwing Pegasus

Mount Information: 

Stormwing Archeum Supply Crate.

Movement Speed:
Base Mount Speed 10 m/s.


The embodiment of thunder and lighting, this mystical creature is as wild as the storms that birthed it. Only the very brave or very foolish dare to ride it.

Guide to Obtain: 
  • This mount is a rare drop chance from Stormwing Archeum Supply Crates.
  • Stormwing Archeum Supply Crate costs 490 Credits and can be purchased from the in game Marketplace, access the shop through the menu.
  • This mount can also be purchased for 625 Loyalty Tokens.


Mount Abilities:

  1. Run
  2. Pega-Glide
  3. Skydash



  • This mount can be obtained by all races.
  • You can obtain additional armor for your mount (shown on the mount interface screen). Armor can be obtained from stable NPC's. crafting, drops and events.
  • Mounts will go straight into your Bag. If you want to free some space up you can place mounts in your Bank, just speak to a Warehouse Manager (Banker) found in all main towns.
  • Also known as Dark Pegasus.
  • The boxed set of Lilyhut Horse Prestige Armor can be equipped on Stormwing Pegasus mount aswell.