Brown Donkey

Mount Information: 

Quest Reward.

Stable Keeper.

Ground mount.


Guide to Obtain: 
  • The quest that rewards this mount is called ‘Big Fish in a Small Pond’. You should be on this quest around level 12-13.
  • The quest hand in is to Igor Bartali <Chief>. He is located within Veila town.

  • This quest requires you to speak to Igor, in return he will give you a donkey as a gift. Choose the donkey you want (Gray, Brown or Black Donkey).
  • If you choose the Brown Donkey you will be given a Horse Emblem: Brown Donkey (can be used after reaching level 8).
  • Igor asks you to speak to the local stable keeper Lorenzo, he will be able to grant you the donkey in exchange for the emblem.

  • Make your way over to the Stable Keeper Lorenzo Murray. He is located just across from Igor, should be easy to spot as he is next to some stables.
  • Speak to Lorenzo and click Stable, then click Register Emblem on bottom bar to go into your character's inventory and then right click the emblem.
  • This will register the emblem allowing you to own this donkey, give your donkey a name then click confirm.
  • Once this donkey is registered it will become your mount and go into that stable.
  • To take this mount out of the stable click on the Take Out button. This will summon the mount near you.


More Info:

  • As you ride your mount it will level up.
  • Be careful of leaving your mount near mobs, any nearby mobs will start attacking your mount.
  • You cannot check your mount into a stable if the distance is too great.