Mount Information: 

5 Imperial Taming Seals..

Stable Keeper (Valencia).

Ground mount.


Guide to Obtain: 
  • Camels are purchased from any Stable Keeper within Valencia. A camel costs 5 Imperial Taming Seals.
  • To get a camel mount you will need to have a level 26 or higher (any tier) horse, but the higher the tier of horse the more seals you will receive in exchange.
  • You will need to trade in the horse to a Stable Keeper in exchange for Imperial Taming Seals. Once you have 5 Imperial Taming Seals you can get a camel.
  • To keep your camel going (stamina & endurance) you will need to give it camel feed (Dry Thorns).



  • Camels are best used for travelling in the desert.


Please note that this information is subject to change and is still a work in progress.