Mount Information: 

Capturing Rope.

Wild Taming.

Ground mount.


Guide to Obtain: 
  • Elephants are captured from in the wild. You will need for this Capturing Ropes and Peanuts. Purchase around 5-10 ropes from a Stable Keeper. Purchase 3-5 Peanuts from a Guild Manager.
  • When you have all the required items for capturing find a location of where to find wild Elephants. When you find an Elephant Calf you can start your attempt at capturing it.
  • You will be presented with a mini-game (like with capturing horses), if you succeed you will need to feed it peanuts and then it should follow you.
  • Get your Elephant Calf back to a Stable Keeper and register the mount. The Elephant will now be added to your Guild Warehouse (once it is added don’t try to remove the Elephant otherwise it might delete).

  • The Elephant Calf will need to be raised into an adult, you will raise and feed Elephant Calfs through Guild Houses.
  • The Guild Leader and Officers will have access to the mount, the rest of the guildies can use the mount once it has been summoned for use.



  • Elephants can have up to 3 players riding. 1 to move the mount and 2 for fighting.
  • Careful of mother Elephants nearby when trying to capture a Calf, they will attack you.
  • When you capture an Elephant Calf beware of other players as they can attack and kill your Calf.
  • Can be used for travelling in the desert.


Please note that this information is subject to change and is still a work in progress.