Fearless Dragon Ray

Mount Information: 

Movement Speed:

Refer-a-Friend Program.

2,500 Pact Points.


Guide to Obtain: 
  • This mount is obtained from vendor Belle <Maiden in Distress>.
  • You can find Belle located in Asperon Plaza.
  • The mount costs 800 Chocolate Chunks.
  • This mount is available during the Valentines event (14th-22nd February 2017) some mounts available for limited time.


  • This mount is now obtained through the Refer-a-Friend Program.
  • You need to recruit friends to earn the Pact Points which will allow you to purchase mounts and other items from the rewards section (Pact) of the Devilian Marketplace.
  • To get started recruit your friends through email, Facebook, or Twitter. When your friend has followed the instructions your account will be linked to the referring player.
  • If your new friend recruits make Devilian purchases you will earn Pact Points.

More Info:

  • This mount is Bind on Pickup.
  • Has an Evasion Chance of +10%.
  • Decreases Aggro while moving.