Wild Brown Jinko

Mount Information: 

Movement Speed:

Trainer Parcus.

5 Gold.


Guide to Obtain: 
  • This mount is obtained from a Mount Shop.
  • You can find this shop by speaking to Trainer Parcus <Stable Master>. Parcus is located in Asperon Plaza.

  • It will cost 5 Gold to purchase this mount.
  • You can also get this mount for free by completing quests around level 12.
  • The quest 'Elara's Words' which you hand in to Elara in Asperon will start the quest chain.
  • You will be lead to Trainer Parcus <Stable Master>. Once you complete his quest 'Swift Striders' you will be given this mount as a reward.


More Info:

  • The quest mount Can't be Traded.
  • The vendor mount is Bind on Use.
  • Decreases Aggro while moving.