Nix-Ox War-Steed

Mount Information: 

Max Stats:
60 Speed, 60 Stamina, 60 Carrying Capacity.
Riding Skills are character bound.



It was the warlike Erabenimsum tribe of Ashlanders who first broke the wild Nix-Oxen of Vvardenfell to domestic use, and an Ashkhan, the legendary Ashu-Ammu, who first rode one into battle.

Guide to Obtain: 
  • This mount was part of a free giveaway to players who owned ESO: Morrowind and logged into the game.
  • Any players who own ESO: Morrowind and logged into the game before November 26th 2017 would receive this mount.
  • Update: Extended the free mount giveaway over the Xmas Holidays for 2017 > Login while owning ESO: Morrowind between December 24th - 31st and receive the mount by January 4th.


Basic Info:

  • No character level requirement needed, you can get this mount at any level.
  • You can rename your mount, see a stable master for changing names.


Crown Store Mount Lessons:

Can purchase Crown Lessons for:

  1. Riding Speed - Increase your mounted speed by 1 per lesson (allows you to move faster while mounted).
  2. Riding Capacity - Expand your inventory space by 1 slot per lesson (allows you to carry more items).
  3. Riding Stamina - Increase your mounted stamina by 1 per lesson (prevents being dismounted & allows mount to sprint longer).