Red Pit Wolf

Mount Information: 

Max Stats:

60 Speed, 60 Stamina, 60 Carrying Capacity.
Riding Skills are character bound.




100 Crown Gems.

Pit Wolves are so called because they were bred by the Reachmen as fierce pit fighters, often matched against bears or bristlebacks. In order to make his guards more impressive, the Tyrant of Markarth was the first to have Red Pits trained as mounts.

Guide to Obtain: 
  • This mount is available as a Legendary reward from the 'Storm Atronach theme: Crown Crates'. The mount will cost 100 Crown Gems.
  • Crown Crates can also reward Crown Gems. These Crown Gems are a currency that can be used to purchase items from the current Crown Crate special season.
  • You will also have the option to convert some items obtained from Crown Crates into Crown Gems.
  • Each Crown Crate is associated with a special season and available for limited time (cycled quarterly).
  • You can purchase x1 Crown Crate for 400 Crowns, x4 Crates for 1500 Crowns, or x15 Crates for 5000 Crowns.
  • To find the Store go to the official website, click into Account and then into Store.


Basic Info:

  • No character level requirement needed, you can get this mount at any level.
  • You can rename your mount, see a stable master for changing names.


Crown Store Mount Lessons:

Can purchase Crown Lessons for:

  1. Riding Speed - Increase your mounted speed by 1 per lesson (allows you to move faster while mounted).
  2. Riding Capacity - Expand your inventory space by 1 slot per lesson (allows you to carry more items).
  3. Riding Stamina - Increase your mounted stamina by 1 per lesson (prevents being dismounted & allows mount to sprint longer).