Storm Atronach Camel

Mount Information: 

Max Stats:

60 Speed, 60 Stamina, 60 Carrying Capacity.
Riding Skills are character bound.




Crown Crate.

The Altmer wizard Corvus Direnni astounded High King Ar-Azal of Hammerfell by conjuring a Storm Atronach that assumed the form of a horse—but when Ar-Azal tried to stump him by commanding he summon a Storm Atronach Camel, Corvus Direnni instantly did so!

Guide to Obtain: 
  • This mount is available as a rare drop chance from the 'Storm Atronach theme: Crown Crates'.
  • Each Crown Crate is associated with a special season and available for limited time (cycled quarterly).
  • You can purchase x1 Crown Crate for 400 Crowns, x4 Crates for 1500 Crowns, or x15 Crates for 5000 Crowns.
  • To find the Store go to the official website, click into Account and then into Store.

Basic Info:

  • No character level requirement needed, you can get this mount at any level.
  • You can rename your mount, see a stable master for changing names.

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