Striped Senche

Mount Information: 

Max Stats:

60 Speed, 60 Stamina, 60 Carrying Capacity.
Riding Skills are character bound.




Loyalty Program.

A semi-domesticated version of the wild senche-tiger, this distant relative of the Khajiit has been bred for size and manageability.

Guide to Obtain: 
  • This mount was a reward from the ESO Subscriber Loyalty Program.
  • Anyone who had been subscribed from launch of the game up until release of Tamriel Unlimited received this mount as a 300-Day Reward.
  • You must have at least 300 days of purchased subscription time as of 3/16/15.


Basic Info:

  • No character level requirement needed, you can get this mount at any level.
  • You can rename your mount, see a stable master for changing names.


Crown Store Mount Lessons:

Can purchase Crown Lessons for:

  1. Riding Speed - Increase your mounted speed by 1 per lesson (allows you to move faster while mounted).
  2. Riding Capacity - Expand your inventory space by 1 slot per lesson (allows you to carry more items).
  3. Riding Stamina - Increase your mounted stamina by 1 per lesson (prevents being dismounted & allows mount to sprint longer).