Cloud Mallow

Mount Information: 

Movement speed - All mounts have same speed.
Flying Speed - ?

Level Requirement:

Personal mount.

Guide to Obtain: 
  • Looks to be released with Revenge of the Horde Patch 3.3.
  • Purchased from Mogmul Mogbelly in The Churning Mists, Dravania (x16,y29).
  • This mount will cost 200,000 gil.
  • You can only purchase this mount if you have reached Sworn reputation with the Moogle Daily Quests.
  • To unlock these quests you need to complete level 50 quest Tricks and Stones. Start this quest by speaking with Seething Stonemason in The Churning Mists (x27,y35).
  • Complete the Main Scenario Quests Into the Aery and Laying the First Brick.