Emperor Beetle

Mount Information: 

Increases your movement speed by 140%.

Level Requirement:
Players level 4 or above.

Permanent character mount.

You can be dismounted if you suffer 6 hits in 5 seconds, or lose 10% or more of your hitpoints in a single attack.

This regal beetle is prized above all others for his iridescent sheen.

Guide to Obtain: 
  • An Emperor Beetle is obtained by chance from an Unearthed Lockbox - was purchased for 200 Astral Diamonds from the Wondrous Bazaar.
  • To view the Wondrous Bazaar you can click the button on your menu highlighted 'Shop at the Wondrous Bazaar'.

To open an Unearthed Lockbox you need an Enchanted Key - Enchanted Keys can be purchased from the Zen Market, you can access the store from the main menu.

    • Enchanted Key (125 ZEN) - A magical key that can open any lockbox. (single purchase, tradable with players). 
    • Enchanted Keys (1,125 ZEN) - A keyring of 10 total keys that can open any lockbox. (single purchase, tradable with players). 

You can obtain Unearthed Lockboxes and Enchanted Keys from other places such as in game trade/auction houses. This mount can also be sold on AH.

  • You can increase mount speed, change combat power and more from the Mounts & Stable menu. Access this through your Character Sheet (C).


More Info:

  • Also known as Bug mount.
  • Binds on Equip and cannot sell.
  • To use this mount your character needs to be level 4+ and have completed the Sleeping Dragon Bridge tutorial.

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