Rainbow Stag

Mount Information: 

Level Requirement:
Players level 15 or above.

Rare drop.

Flying Mount.

Bound when equipped.


Guide to Obtain: 
  • This mount is obtained from 'Precious Mount Boxes'.
  • Also as a rare drop from 'Large Sacred Object Treasure Map'.
  • This is a 2 seater mount, carrying you and 1 other player.


Mount Info:

  • Springing Speed 12.0 m / seconds
  • Dashing Speed 19.2 m / seconds
  • Flying Speed 12.0 m / seconds
  • Darting Speed 24.0 m / seconds
  • Dashing Stamina consumes 15.0 point / seconds
  • Flying Stamina consumes 14.0 m point / seconds


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