Armored White War Tiger

Mount Information: 

Scales to the fastest mount you own. 

Level Requirement:

Player Faction:

Cash purchase Mount (Upgrades).

Introducing the ferocious “Armored White War Tiger”. Originally offered exclusively in Korea, this beastly mount can be yours for a limited time! Just visit your account page to check out the offer, you’ll find it right next to the Collector’s Edition and Ashes of History Edition upgrades. -

Guide to Obtain: 
  • This mount is a cash purchase from the Trion Rift website (currently unavailable), was a limited time mount.

Cold. Unforgiving. The frozen wastelands of Telara can be a deadly place. Stride across the icy tundra atop this fearsome and powerful Armored White War Tiger. Opponents will quake in fear as your mount swiftly covers huge distances, slicing into all attackers with its deadly claws and armored blades. Strong and relentless, this fierce tiger will carry you through your adventures wherever you go in Telara!

Be the envy of your friends as you race into battle on your new mount. This is a limited time offer so act now. -

More Info:

  • Also known as Armored White Tiger, Armored Snow Tiger.