Ash Strider

Mount Information: 

Scales to the fastest mount you own.

Level Requirement:

Player Faction:

Requires 2625 Magma Opals.

1 Inert Raptor Egg, 35 Burning Earth Shard.

Guide to Obtain: 
  • This mount is currently unavailable.
  • From world event during the Ashes of History update. The world event mounts might be available to still obtain after the event ends from certain npc's in the main cities.
  • Obtained from a world event, ways to obtain the currencies are listed below:
  1. You will need to purchase 1 Inert Raptor Egg which costs 1 Magma Opal and level this up by turning 75 of your Magma Opal's into 1 Burning Earth Shard or 1000 Planarite into 1 Burning Earth Shard.
  2. There’s a selection of ways to get Burning Earth Shard’s, Burning Earth Shard’s now drop from certain rifts and invasions, generally ones related to earth and fire.   
  3. To acquire an Ash Strider mount you will have to combine 35 Burning Earth Shard with 1 Inert Raptor Egg and it will transform when it reaches level 35.

More Info:

  • Also known as Raptor Strider, Ash Raptor.


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