Loyal Armored War Horse Bridle

Mount Information: 

Increases speed by 110% or matches the speed of your fastest mount.

Level Requirement:

Player Faction:

Loyalty Reward. 

Guide to Obtain: 
  • Requires 30,000 Loyalty. You can gain this by consuming REX, buying and spending Credits, and special promotions. Claim your rewards from the home screen of the Rift Store.
  • When you reach this you can claim this mount.

This mount can be obtained as part of the Loyalty Rift system.

On June 12 we’re saying goodbye to the Veteran Rewards system and introducing Loyalty. Tons of new rewards will be available for supporting RIFT, including all the loot that Veterans have enjoyed so far. To kick off the Loyalty program, all RIFT subscribers (current and former) will receive bonus Loyalty based on their time subscribed to RIFT!

- Riftgame, May 2013.

More Info:

  • Also known as Loyal Horse.



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