Mossy Tartagon

Mount Information: 

Scales to the fastest mount you own.

Level Requirement:

Player Faction:

1 Verdant Maelstrom, 50 Dragon Quintessence.

Requires 5000 Dragon Tears or 50,000 Planarite.

Guide to Obtain: 

From world event during the Legacy of the Fallen Update.

The world event mounts may be available to still obtain after the event ends from certain npc's in the main cities. 

Obtained from a world event, below is how the mount was obtained.

  • You will need to purchase 1 Verdant Maelstrom which costs 1 Dragon Tear and level this up by turning 100 of your Dragon Tears into 1 Dragon Quintessence or 1000 Planarite into 1 Dragon Quintessence.
  • There’s a selection of ways to get Dragon Quintessence's, Dragon Quintessences now drop from certain rifts and invasions, generally ones related to water.   
  • To acquire a Mossy Tartagon mount you will have to combine 50 Dragon Quintessence with 1 Verdant Maelstrom and it will transform when it reaches level 50.

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