Mount Information: 

Scales to the fastest mount you own.

Level Requirement:

Player Faction:

Starfall Prophecy tokens.

Opie is an adorable Artifact hunting squirrel mount. She loves artifacts so much that she has decorated herself with them!

Guide to Obtain: 
  • This mount is obtained by collecting 50 Starfall Prophecy tokens by purchasing the 'Standard' or 'Deluxe' Starfall Prophecy expansion before the November 16th 2016 launch.
  • If you get the Starfall Prophecy expansion before the above date you can collect a Starfall Prophecy token each day for the first 60 days that the expansion is live.¬†(This offer applies to pre-orders only).
  • Within the 60 days you will be able to collect the 50 tokens to earn this artifact seeking squirrel mount. For more information click HERE.


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