Patrol Glider

Mount Information: 


Increases character's movement speed by 80%.

Transport Type:

Mount Info:
Health: 1548
Health regeneration: 154.8
Movement speed: 180.0%
Summon time: 2.0 sec

A special glider, the bane of the criminals hiding in the seamy districts of Aelinar. It can't be purchased with credits or obtained any other way except one: it is given only as a reward for your adepts' spectacular work in enforcing order.

Guide to Obtain: 
  • Obtained by taking part in the Law and Order promotional event.
  • This mount can be purchased for 1200wp.
  • You need to have reached 2050 Prestige and has your own order (L key) to take part in this event.
  • Can purchase from the Marketplace for 003,024,000 Credits or 18,000 Argents. Mounts in Marketplace might not always be available/limited time.