Pearly Dione

Mount Information: 

Phytonide Invasion Week.

Increases the character's movement speed by ???%.

Transport Type:

Mount Info:
Health: 3096
Health regeneration: 309.6
Movement speed: 205.0%
Summon time: 2.0 sec

While it is hard to tame a wild Dione, it can be done. Unusually colored Diones are tamed more easily than others. Pearly Diones are widespread in Aelion, so they were the first species of the Phytonides to be tamed and 'broken in'.

Guide to Obtain: 
  • This mount is obtained through the Phytonide Invasion Week (available at different dates, check official website).
  • Pearly Dione mount is obtained by chance from the Machavann Training version.
  • Requirements for the Machavann Training Incarnation is to have Divine Form (group of 5 players needed to participate).
  • This rewards 'Avatar Trophy' and a 'Chest' -Mysterious, Ancient, or Mythical. The mount is a rare drop chance.
  • For more detailed information on 'Phytonide Invasion' click HERE.