Snowy Hornscute

Mount Information: 

Winter Survival Pack.

Increases the character's movement speed by 100%.
Allows you to remain mounted in combat in adventures. Can dash 60 yards forward or until it hits an obstruction. Thanks to it, all Hornscutes in your collection gain similar abilities.

Transport Type:

Mount Info:
Health: 24770
Health regeneration: 24770.0
Movement speed: 200.0%
Summon time: 2.0 sec

At your command, it can move 60 meters forward along the battlefield at a great speed! The first enemy that crosses its path will feel the full force of its enormous horn!

Guide to Obtain: 
  • This mount is obtained from purchasing the Winter Survival Pack (available from January 18th - 1st February 2017).
  • This will be available for a limited time to purchase through the official website.