Black Afro Duck

Mount Information: 

Level Requirement - Players level 1 or above.

Mount Speed - Movement speed 280.

Obtained - Package: Colorful Carnival.

Type - Permanent Character mount (can only be used for 1 character).

For Black Afro Duck US (Tera EnMasse) click HERE

Guide to Obtain: 
  • You can purchase a Package: Colorful Carnival from the Tera Store, it costs TT (Tera Thalers).
  • Will contain this duck mount along with Wonder Smart Box for Crazies (Permanent), Bizarre Tiered Hat & Giant Pocket Watch.
  • This mount was released as part of the Colorful Carnival event (5th-11th February 2016).
  • Some mounts/packages in store are limited time and won't always be available to purchase.


More Info:

  • Mount is first summoned from your skills menu.
  • Restores Stamina.