Black Leopard

Mount Information: 

Level Requirement - Players level 60 or above.

Mount Speed - Movement speed 280 275.

Obtained - Reward.

Type - Permanent Character mount (can only be used for 1 character).

For Black Leopard US (Tera EnMasse) click HERE

Guide to Obtain: 

The Black Leopard mount is an end game mount obtained through a set of quests given by Thaman in Velika. In order to claim the Leopard as one of your glorious mounts, you must finish the following 5 quests given to you from Thaman. 

  • The Way to a Leopard’s Heart (The Food of The Sable Sabertooth)
  • How Now Brown Cowl (A Necessity of the Rider)
  • The Cat’s Meow (Really Wanted Item)
  • Sleepy Kittens (Emergency Item)
  • Grazing Saddles (Materials for the Saddle)

Each quest is a special task you have to accomplish for this leopard, including providing food for it, creating a saddle, and simply having an emergency sedative with you!

The necessary items to complete the quests have to be bought from various faction vendors. But be advised that only those with very high standing among the different factions will be allowed to buy these special materials!

The items you’ll need:

  • ‘Morpheutic Draught’ from the ‘Hands of Velika’

  • ‘Cowl Harness’ from the Valsekyr Hunt’

  • ‘Supple Noruk Leather‘ from ‘Shariar’

  • ‘Tirkai Grizzly Steak’ from ‘Invalesco’

  • ‘Silvervine Branch’ from the ‘Hyderad Legacy’

Once you have finished all 5 quests you will receive a quest called “Mount Up” which will grant you the ability to ride the Black Leopard!
- Enmasse. 

  • You character must be level 60 - so you can now do reputation quests for the factions.

You need to reach friendly reputation (Nexus not needed) with:

  1. Velika
  2. Allemantheia
  3. Cuthroat Harbour
  4. Southern Shara
  5. Northern Shara

More Info:

  • Mount is first summoned from your skills menu.
  • Also known as Black Panther, Black Jaguar.