Dapper Llewellyn

Mount Information: 

Level Requirement - Players level 1 or above.

Mount Flight Speed - Movement speed ???/Flight Duration ???

Obtained - Event.

Type - Permanent Character mount (can only be used for 1 character).



Guide to Obtain: 
  • This mount is from the event Seashells on the Seashore. Available from 21st July - 11th August 2016.
  • Collect seashells from around Arborea for prizes. For more information about event click HERE.
  • The prize 'Arcane Reliquary of the Golden Sun' has a rare drop chance of containing flying skills for flying llamas.
  • This mount is obtained through the TERA Shop by purchasing a Sand-Encrusted Argon Artifact. You will receive other items and a Flying Skill: Dapper Llewellyn.


  • Shop Update: Dances with Llamas (24.11.2016). For more infor click HERE.
  • Package: Woolly Llam-Hop Combo has chance to contain Flying Skill: Dapper Llyn or Flying Skill: Dapper Lloyd.
  • Package: Dyeable Llam-Hop Combo has chance to contain Flying Skill: Dapper Llara or Flying Skill: Dapper Llewellyn.


  • Some mounts & boxes in store are limited time and won't always be available to purchase.


More Info:

Mount is first summoned from your skills menu.


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