Mount Information: 

Level Requirement - Players level 1 or above.

Mount Speed - Movement speed 280.

Obtained - Store.

Type - Permanent Character mount (can only be used for 1 character).

The EX-TRM must have come from the crazy mind of a cog wheel enthusiast. This metal bug can move with extreme swiftness thanks to its mechanical drive, guaranteeing rapid and stylish movement.

For EX-TRM US (Tera EnMasse) click HERE

Guide to Obtain: 
  • You can get this mount from the Tera Shop (access the shop from in game listed on the menu).
  • Is tradeable, but will bind on use.
  • Price is 199 TT (Tera Thalers).
  • This mount is often purchased various ways (sometimes only available for limited time offers). For shop items check in-game for latest details.
  • Permanent mount.


More Info:

  • Mount is first summoned from your skills menu.
  • Also known as Robot Bug mount.