Dream Woolie

Mount Information: 

Level Requirement:
Level 3 to ride.


in-game store.

Ground mount.

The first reports of this creature were dismissed as tall tales. Thankfully it turned out to be quite substantial. Finally everyone can live out their dreams astride the beautiful Dream Woolie.

Guide to Obtain: 
  • You can purchase this mount from the in-game store (currently only for purchase by Signature members).
  • The Signature Station is for Signature members containing exclusive items, sales and limited time items. (This offers early access for items that might appear in the main store at a later time).
  • You can purchase this mount from the in-game store (might not always be available/limited time).
  • For a single character it will cost 1590 Protobucks or 795 Omnibits.
  • For account wide it will cost 2780 Protobucks or 1390 OmniBits.


Mount Riding Skill Upgrade:

  • Advanced Riding License (This increases your mounted speed by 15% of the base skill) -  Purchase from a Mount Vendor for 50 Gold (your character must be level 40 to purchase.)
  • Expert Riding License (This increases your mounted speed by 35% of the base riding skill) -  Purchase from in-game store for 790 Protobucks or 395 OmniBits (this purchase can only be claimed by a single character).
  • Note not all mounts are affected by Riding Skills as some travel faster than normal, check mounts tooltip (hover over icon) for their information.


Mount Customization:

  • Mounts can be customized, go to Mount Customization in game to bring up the menu.
  • Click HERE for Ground mount Customization List.