Plasmatic Hyperboard

Mount Information: 

Level Requirement:
Level 3 to ride.

Pre-Order Deluxe Edition.

Upgrade: Deluxe Edition Bonus Items.

Hoverboard mount.

Guide to Obtain: 
  • This mount is a limited time only, you can get it from pre-ordering the Wildstar Deluxe Edition.
  • You will receive this Hoverboard mount (Eldan Themed) along with your other deluxe edition bonuses.
  • This mount is no longer obtainable.


Mount Riding Skill Upgrade:

  • Advanced Riding License (This increases your mounted speed by 15% of the base skill) -  Purchase from a Mount Vendor for 50 Gold (your character must be level 40 to purchase.)
  • Expert Riding License (This increases your mounted speed by 35% of the base riding skill) -  Purchase from in-game store for 790 Protobucks or 395 OmniBits (this purchase can only be claimed by a single character).
  • Note not all mounts are affected by Riding Skills as some travel faster than normal, check mounts tooltip (hover over icon) for their information.


Mount Customization:

  • This mount has no customization options - can not be modified.