Acherus Deathcharger

Mount Information: 

Level Requirement:

Max Movement Speed:
Ground 100%

Player Faction:

Quest Reward.

More Info:
- Requires Journeyman Riding to ride.
- This mount can only be used by Death Knights.

Guide to Obtain: 
  • To get this mount you must complete the quests  'Grand Theft Palomino' and 'Into the Realm of Shadows'. This zone is level 55-58.

  • Follow to quests given to you by NPC Salanar the Horseman, your first quest is 'Grand Theft Palomino' he will get you to go steal a horse from the fields of Havenshire Stables (watch out for Stable Master Kitrik).
  • Once you mount a horse run it back to Death's Breach and Salanar will give you the next part of the quest to bring your horse back from the dead.
  • You will receive the quest 'Into the Realm of Shadows' you must enter the Realm of Shadows and slay a dark rider, then bring the horse back.
  • Once you have the horse ride it back to Death's Breach and use the Horseman's Call to leave the shadow realm.
  • Complete the quest and you will be given an Acherus Deathcharger. Please note this mount is only rideable on a Death Knight character, no other class may use this.