Amani Battle Bear

Mount Information: 

Level Requirement:

Max Movement Speed:
Ground 100%

Player Faction:

Herioc Zul'Aman drop.

More Info:
- Requires Journeyman Riding to ride.
- Also known as Zul'Aman Bear mount.

Guide to Obtain: 
  • When you enter speak with Vol'jin and open the gates, the time until sacrifice will countdown from 15 minutes. 
  • To get this mount you must kill the first four bosses in the time limit for Kasha's Bag to drop.
  • Kasha's Bag contains 1 bear mount that the group can roll on (mount may not always drop, but it does have a high drop rate).
  • Kill Akil'zon, Nalorrak, Jan'alai & Halazzi. Each boss you kill will add another 5 minutes to your timer.
  • One of the best routes to kill the 4 bosses is shown below.

  • When you kill Halazzi (boss 4) free the NPC Kasha who is in a cage. She will then run round the room breaking vases.

  • On the map shows a red dot where the giant vase she breaks should contain the mount.
  • Players do solo run this herioc dungeon at level 90, but if you want to make the run a little easier take a friend with you as you can both get the mount within a few days.
  • The Zul'Aman dungeon must be on Herioc difficulty.
  • Zul'Aman is located in Ghostlands.