Blue Shado-Pan Riding Tiger

Mount Information: 

Level Requirement:

Max Movement Speed:
Ground 100%

Player Faction:

500Gold (before any reputation discounts).

More Info:
- Requires Artisan Riding to ride.

Guide to Obtain: 
  • This mount is obtained through a reputation grind with Shado-Pan (level 90 content).
  • You need to reach Exalted with Shado-Pan to purchase this mount.
  • Speak with Rushi the Fox in Shado-Pan Garrison, Townlong Steppes (Pandaria).

  • Earn rep by completing dailies, these are rotated every day between set quest hubs.
  • Shado-Pan can also be set as your Bonus Reputation for doing a daily random dungeon, click the star icon next to your rep to champion a faction.


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