Bronze Drake

Mount Information: 

Level Requirement:

Max Movement Speed:
Ground 100%
Flying 310%

Player Faction:

Timed Event drop.

More Info:
- Requires Artisan Riding to ride.

Guide to Obtain: 
  • You need to be in Herioc mode Culling of Stratholme dungeon.
  • The boss Infinite Corrupter will drop this mount if you completed the timed event in under 25 minutes.


  • You must reach and kill this boss within the 25 minutes otherwise the mount will not drop.
  • Culling of Stratholme can be found in the Caverns of Time, Tanaris (Kalimdor).
  • A quick way to get here instead of flying is head to Dalaran and enter the Magus Commerce Exchange (see your map) and head up the stairs to enter the portal for Caverns of Time. The portal will take you to the entrance, from here make your way inside the cavern to Culling of Stratholme.