Pandaren Kite (Horde)

Mount Information: 

Level Requirement:

Max Movement Speed:
Ground 100%
Flying 310%

Player Faction:


More Info:
- Requires Artisan Riding to ride.

Guide to Obtain: 
  • To get this mount you must complete the achievement 'Pandaren Ambassador'. To complete this you need to complete the achievements listed within.
  • You need to be Exalted with the following factions:
  1. Golden Lotus > Exalted
  2. Shado-Pan > Exalted
  3. The Lorewalkers > Exalted
  4. The Tillers > Exalted
  5. Huojin Pandaren > Exalted
  6. The August Celestials > Exalted
  7. The Klaxxi > Exalted
  8. The Anglers > Exalted
  9. Order of the Cloud Serpent > Exalted
  • Once you have completed all the achievements within 'Pandaren Ambassador' on your wow account you will receive the Pandaren Kite, check your mount list to summon.



Emily Critchell

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